Altri is a European leading company in the production of eucalyptus pulp and forest management. Altri is listed on Lisbon Stock Exchange, which holds its main stock market index, the PSI-20.

Altri is a reference European producer in the pulp industry, being one of the most efficient producers in Europe of bleached eucalyptus pulp.

Forest management is a central activity of Altri, which manages approximately 84 thousand hectares of certified forest in Portugal. The wood self-sufficiency rate is around 30%.

To optimize forest management, Altri acquired 50% of EDP Bioeléctrica to, in partnership with Energias de Portugal (EDP), produce electrical energy from forest biomass. Currently, this company holds licenses to produce 120 MWh of electricity from biomass, with a market share of around 50%, being operational four power stations up to now - Mortágua, Rodão (Biotek), Constância (Caima) and Figueira da Foz (Celbi) - with a total capacity of 55 MWh. In 2009, the two biomass plants - Figueira da Foz and Constance – were opened with a total nominal capacity of over 43 MWh.

At the same time, the company produces all the electricity it needs for its pulp production activity through cogeneration. This process is based on the use of vegetable components with fuel properties and that are not suitable for the production of pulp (lignins), which are then burned to produce steam that will provide energy to operate an industrial generator.

By June 2008, Altri possessed another industrial activity through F.Ramada, which dedicated itself to the retail of steel and development of industrial storage systems solutions. In June 2008 there was the split of the F.Ramada, which no longer included Altri. The strategic rationale of this operation relates to the exclusive focus of the company on its core business, forest management and the production of pulp.

This financial performance was recognized by the market and the Altri title recorded a remarkable performance in the capital market. It should be noted that Altri started its quotation (March 2005) with a price of 0.55 euros per share.